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Microcontroller Modules

These microcontroller Modules are completely self-operating elements that are specially designed to be freely used by system integrators (OEMs).

These modules are designed and manufactured by Qontinuum, using a set of basic software developed by Maxim/Dallas as well as software elements (classes) developed by Qontinuum, all them in Java language.

These modules form the core of all products that are in the Qontinuum's 700 Series, which consists of items such as the CPU for Access Control (HYDRA), equipment for connectivity as the protocol adapter model G-700/100BT2 and Terminals for Time and Attendance and Access Control (XX-X7nn models).



TiniQ/10 Microcontroller Module (with CAN Bus) data sheet (PDF)


TiniQ/11 Microcontroller Module (without CAN Bus) data sheet (PDF)




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