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Family DEF :
RFID 'DESFire' tags ("fS=4") 

These are elements for personal accreditation (in the form of card type ID-1 or other form like keyfobs, etc.) that are compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-4 Type A. Such elements are referred in all our documentation as RFID 'DESFire' tags (name given by their manufacturer NXP), being basically electronic components that exchange information with the CPU through a reader-writer Module via radio frequency (using the protocol T=CL) to establish secure session using variable keys based in 3DES algorithm (or AES-128 in the model EV1).

The RFID 'DESFire' tags are called passive because they only establish communication when are excited by the electromagnetic field generated by the antenna on the reader-writer Module.

The RFID 'DESFire' tags are able to contain the "fS=4" structure for high performance, so it gives maximum usability and security.



Product :
RFID element card shaped (ISO 7810) with an embedded electronic component that contains the antenna, the microprocessor and the memory (EEPROM rewritable technology with 4 KBytes of capacity).
The effective range depends not only on the quality of the antenna that is inside the tag but also on the physical installation of the reading-writing Module.
This RFID tag can be used under the Qontinuum specifications for "fS=4" structure and also for "fS=3" usage.

Physical dimensions :
Width = 53,98
High = 85,6 mm
Thickness = 0,76 mm (+-0,01%)
Weight = 5 gr

Environmental conditions :
between -20 and +50 Cº
Relative humidity:


Range : Reader-writer Module : Terminal :
0 cm    
2 cm    
3 cm DEF-3095


Data sheet :
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Selling price :
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Remarks :

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