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Application areas and technological capacities


Qontinuum starts in the market in 1993 with the aim to offer the expertise of its founders in the design and manufacture of systems and applications in the physical Access Control and Time and Attendance.

In 1997 we started the CONACC system design (a set of new specifications and products defined to be applied to an Access Control and to a Time and Attendance as a generic system) that we established to provide an easy yet powerful way for design systems and programming, all intended to be used by application programs developers for 32-bit Windows platforms.

In 1999, in order to improve support to customers, we created the first version of our website.

In 2002 we apply the fS=4 concept for high performance and security to the RFID tags 'MIFARE', specially for the Spanish Ministry of Defense as well as (and mainly due to their role in security) in the war ships series F-100 (Spanish Navy) and F-300 (Norwegian Navy).

In 2005 we release the ".NET" component called API-CONACC as high-level API to develop applications based on our equipment.

In 2008 we started the design of the HYDRA project (CPUs of the Series 700 that can support, in some configurations, up to four CPUs of Series 100).

In 2010 was completed the development of the components for fS=4 concept for high performance and security for the DEF Family (RFID tags 'DESFire') and we made the first deliveries for physical Access Control.
During this year's last quarter we began our international adventure, reason for which almost all product documentation will be translated to English as well as we began to work in the English version of our website.

In 2011 we completed the Series 700 with the introduction of compact Terminals intended for Access Control and for Time and Attendance, being their main characteristics the Ethernet and the RS-485 native connections as well as an optional USB or wireless connection.
We also design and develop Qontronic Modules for industrial control, both for use in Qontinuum own products and for the OEM market.
At the end of the year we started the Calypso project for Access Control Terminals based exclusively on wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4), which will introduce significant improvements from the point of view of competitiveness to increase performance, simplify the physical installation and reduce the size and cost of such terminals, but always maintaining compatibility with the CONACC system.

In 2012 we invest heavily in the Calypso subsystem to provide us with the injection molds required for the housings of the new 2000 Series Terminals for Access Control as well as for the covers of the new electronics (completely designed and developed by Qontinuum) for reading and writing of 'MIFARE' and 'DESFire' RFID cards.
We also initiated the design and development of Access Control Terminals (3000 Series), the first models of which will provide more power, less weight and a lower price than products of the former Series 900.
In keeping with our desire to expand in the international market, we began prospecting in Mexico with very good perspectives.
Finally, and of great importance for the future of Qontinuum, we got approval certificates for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which will facilitate our growth in foreign markets.

Since 1993, more than 2.500 clients accredit us.

Our goal in 2013 and ahead: further improvement.

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